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2003-08-10 @ 2:32 a.m.

I need to stop taking ritalin before I go to sleep

Yeah, so I've been busy..

Anyway, so I was looking at my 'comments' that people have made and by 'people', I mean 'three people'. Because I did not realize that 'plm' from the most recent 'old navy' entry was actually my mom. I am NOT TOO OLD mom! Darn it.

Anyway now that's over. So obviously I've been trying to redo my site here, I'm semi-finished. The problem is I don't really know html that well, or frontpage. And I'm teaching myself as I go along. I managed to get the picture here done with the hotlinks. (get yer hotlinks right here, get 'em while they're hot. hence 'hotlinks) Suddenly I want to watch baseball. So yeah, html. HTML really stands for "How Tough Makes Life", or if you're not stupid and don't understand how to speak English, 'html makes Beth's life tough'. I've been recently trying to re-learn sign language to finish up my BA. Sign language is my 'foreign language'. And before you all get huffy and say that it's not really a foreign language b/c there isn't a 'deaf country', well I beg to differ. And so would the deaf community, so shove it! Anyway, where was I? oh yes my pillow...

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