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TheraFlu TheraAss

2007-08-28 @ 2:20 a.m.

And this brings up a questions for the ages:

Why the hell does TheraFlu taste like purs 100% ass-doodles? I mean seriously wtf? Of course as of yesterday I have been slowly feeling awful, and as you can see it is now 2:20 am and I am still awake. Not because I love watching insanely stupid segments about Jamie Foxx and his inability to find a mate on the ridiculous show 'Extra', but because my head, brain, melon, nose, ears and throat won't let me. I am the worst sick person ever. Anyway so yeah it's frickin late and I went through the medicine cabinet to find something..it's too late to take Nyquil, (have to work tomorrow) so I opened up a pack of 'TheraFlu' which hereafter will be known as "AssDoodles". SO yeah, it sucks it big time. Something that I have heard before, but I just figured people were exagerrating to garner sympathy for when they were sick. Well good Lord were they underexagerrating. I took one tiny little sip and I immedately started gagging. I don't care if this is the cure for ear cancer (something I will surely get from listening to these Extra segments). I'm not positive, because I don't know what the word 'research' means, but TheraFlu is illegal in 27 of the 48 continental United States. (sorry Tennessee) Do any of you actually drink this??? How do you do it?

Alright, so that aside things are going pretty well. We just finished the first week of shooting Angel's film, and today was the beginning of the second of three weeks. The 'film' (it's really on a P2 Hard drive) looks really good. Angel is renting some 33mm lenses so it has a really good 'film' look to it. Which is super rad to the dopest.

I put up a demo reel that I did years ago before I became editor at my current job. I would put up some stuff that I have done recently, but well, I'm not allowed. So this kinda sucks, but I'm proud of some of it. Here is the link:
Demo link

p.s. I really want to start writing again.

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