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Update: 4 Days to go

2008-05-05 @ 4:41 p.m.

According to my little tracker at the top, I have a few symptoms that are not...pleasant. Don't believe everything you read. One of those are true, I AM as big as a house.
Number two insanely rude question that I get asked: 'how much weight have you gained?'. (second to 'are you still going to do the c-section'?) I've gained a lot of weight. How much you mockingly ask? A lot. WAY TOO MUCH. Like 70 lbs. Yes 70lbs. I'll just declare it right here on the interwebs. That way I am somewhat accountable to lose it. I had gained some weight before the wedding, so my goal is to lose 100 lbs. ONE HUNDRED POUNDS. I'm trying not to think about it ...but as the Day de Isabel comes closer and closer I have to start weening off of my current diet of pickled flavored ice cream and start pretending to like salads and grilled boring chicken.
Don't let the picture in the previous post deceive you. It was photoshopped...no not the tummy just the face. Why? Because, yes I am pregnant and pregnant women get big but it made me feel better, even if it was a lie to make my face just a ... tiny bit skinnier.

In other fun 9-month-pregnant news, our AC broke in our house. So that's fun. But thankfully the past few days haven't been that hot, so it was okay. The guy is coming tomorrow to fix.

Also Angel is nesting. Me not so much. In my head I have a million projects that I want done, but no real energy to execute. Like the downstairs bathroom suddenly needs artwork on the walls. I have no idea why that's important to me, but it must happen! Isabel doesn't like empty white walls, I guess. Angel on the other hand is determined to have the whole house and both of our cars cleaned before she arrives. The girl is going to be in the bassinet or crib the first few months mostly, but apparently in his mind there is a small possibility that she will climb out of her crib at 5 days old and go into the basement fireplace to play. He's too good to me :)

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