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that's crazy!

2003-03-30 @ 11:29 p.m.

Well, I guess it's about time I write another one of these suckers huh? I actually got reprimanded today by someone who actually reads this!! So Wheeelay, this one is for you!

Needless to say, I have been busy as hell lately. For those of you that I actually know in 'real life', you know that I have been working my ass off this past month or two. Working 70+ hours almost every week. It's literally killing me! (okay now that I have given the excuse for my absence let's move on)

Isn't it weird how certain smells make you remember specific things about your past? Isn't it also weird how I just said the word 'remember' and 'past' as if there were any other choice? Isn't it also weird that I totally just spilled apple juice all over my parents' mouse pad...ahhh that sucks..

that's gonna leave a mark. Isn't it weird that people refer to their PIN Number, even though "PIN" stands for "Personal Identification NUMBER"???(same with ATM machine) Isn't it weird that the 'can you hear me now' guy hasn't been brutally murdered yet? Also weird that the Suntrust bank executive that gave the green light for that insane Benjamin Franklin commerical where he is singing 'don't you want me baby' has not be at least been given a good wedgie? The thing about that commercial is whenever it would come on, I would yell like a monkey (as I do whenever I am displeased), and turn the channel immediately. But then I'd turn it back, b/c as much as I hated that Benjamin Franklin guy dancing/singing, I wanted to see him do it for some reason. That's so crazy.

Then today, I had had to tape a middle school performance of 'The Wiz' for work. And I must say that for middle school kids, it was damn good. And by 'damn good', I mean 'it kept me awake for the most part'.

I do a lot of school plays/recitals and what not. And usually I'm either bored out of my mind, or laughing hysterically b/c it's so retarded. But this one wasn't so bad. Except for the ridiculously lame parents who insist that we tape their kids 100% of the time, even if they have the smallest part possible, inlucding the trap door guy. "but I never get to see him on tape"

"mam, he's the trap door guy, he doesn't perform!"

Anyway, where was I? Yeah so I hate the way certain foods smell. It drives me crazy. The end.

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