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Frankstein Hungry! Frankenstein

2004-05-08 @ 12:16 a.m.

Movin' On Up

So tomorrow is the big day. I move into my new apartment. I shall miss many things about this house... about living at home in general.

Namely, the free rent. Well that and the free food, free parking, free cable, internet and water, heat, electricity, education, car insurance...

...But more importantly, I will miss waking up redonkalously early due to either birds right outside my window or the rumblings of someone in the kitchen at the unGodly hour of 10am.

Oh wait a minute, NO that sucks. Yeah..I won't be missing that. I am assuming here that no potential buyers of this house are reading this, because dear Lord our walls are thin.

Well it's either that, or I have super powers that have been previously over-looked. Oh, it's possible, you'd be surprised how much power a lazy-eyed, chickie-leged weirdo has.

Sometimes I wake up at 6am and you would think Frankenstein was making pancakes. I mean what other reason could my mom possibly have to open and slam all the cupboard drawers in the kicthen in the span of five seconds? Clearly, she was abducted by Frankenstein and he had an unusual hankering for pancakes.

Because there is no other legimate explanation. It's either Frankestein, or my mother is ADD and forgets what is in each cupboard EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

"Where's the silverware"

"Oh yeah in here"

(2 minutes later)

"Where is the silver ware? Let me slam the door shut, once I find it"

"Oh yeah here it is"

I'll miss you house. I've lived in this room since I was 10 years old. That's 15 years. 15 years full of love, fights, throwing hissy fits about having to wake up for school, cuddling with my late cat, studying, pretending to be studying, late night tv watching, editing videos, and most recently diary-writing (Most recent being right now)

Bye bye, Bethie's Room!

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