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Happy fourth

2004-07-04 @ 3:19 p.m.

Happy Fourth

Shout out to my nieghbor's who decided their 'Fourth of July' celebration should start promptly at the hour of 10:00am. Congrats on your first step to alcoholism.

Shout out to the weather, who thought thunderstorms and hail was the best way to celebrate our independence from the tyranny that is England

Shout out to the Elevators' that live right next to me in the beautiful definitely not-ghetto Alexandria. I always wanted neighbors that thought waking me up every morning with janitorial carts was the best way to become my friend.

And a final shout out to my car, who thoughtfully forgot to tell me that I left my window down. It was your way of telling me your interior needed to be washed. So thank you for saving me the time and effort to do so.

God bless America!!

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