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Running on Empty

2004-07-02 @ 2:44 p.m.

"Running on Empty"

Here's just a list of odd things that happened this week:

Monday: Maverick invited me to go have Margaritas with her at "Margaritas Mike's" (good thing they actually serve Margaritas there). So I first went home to change out of my Receptionary Stupid Clothes and into my Chickie-Legs Awesome Clothes. I got into my car and realized I was almost out of gas. But I figured I had enough to get to the gas station.

Yeah not so much. I managed to get about 2 feet out of my spot. So now I am taking up two spots basically. And at my apartment complex, that is equavilent to mass genocide. Not even singularatory genocide, but of the mass-variety. Here it is, 6:30 pm, everyone is coming home from work and I have scored two spots, the parking vultures eyed me with a 'how dare you' while shaking their fingers at me in disgust. Now I don't know what to do. I decided I should just walk to the nearest gas station and borrow/buy a can and walk it back. So I try to find a pen in my car. It seems that I have everything in my car BUT a pen. You see, even though I moved in my apartment two months ago, I have yet to get out all of the random stuff that is now piled into my car. Things such as a baskin robins ice cream cake maker, book shelves, high school yearbooks, clothes, shoes, art supplies,.. (well everything but a pen). So finally I find an old blue pen that was under my passenger seat. It was all crusty with some sort of under-the-passenger-seat-material, but it was my last hope before having to resort to using my eyeliner pencil. I get the back of a bank receipt and write out "I ran out of gas, went to get...(gas)". But as I'm writing the PEN RAN OUT OF INK! It was so ironic I couldn't help but laugh. Eventually I stalked down a fellow neighbor and made him to drive me to a gas station by force of sticky-pen. So it all worked out in the end.

Thursday: At the end of my work day yesterday I pulled my back. Not sure how either. I was just sitting here like I normally do, doing my normal 'back-breaking' labor, answering phones, writing stupid diary entries, signing packages, staring at 'packages'...and all the sudden my left lower back started hurting. It hurt so bad I couldn't even sit...every position hurt. No clue as to why. I went home and was planning on doing some grocery shopping since all I have left is expired milk, moldy bread and rotten eggs, but I couldn't due to this stupid back aching. So I had really random things for dinner. Like cocoa puffs with white chocolate liquor instead of milk, (thinking the alcohol would ease my discomfort). (not long enough) That wasn't enough so then later I had a nutra grain bar with bacon on top. (had to get my meat food group in there somewhere).

So needless to say not only does my back hurt today, but now my stomach as well. Can't imagine why, really.

This weekend I'm not sure what I'm doing. I might go The Mall to see the fireworks. I've lived in the DC area for 17 years now, and I've never actually done that. And now I know people who haven't been here that long who really wanna go, so I'm like 'alright'. But at this point I really just want to lie down all weekend and get a tan. We'll see.

Anyway everyone have a fantastic Fourth of July and pray for our troops that are still out there !! =)

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