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Cry Me a River

2007-06-25 @ 9:57 p.m.

Dude I'm getting married in 12 days..yikes!
Here's an all too well known and interesting fact about chickie legs: I am very emotional.
I cry so easily that when I used to edit weddings at my former job I would cry when I edited them. I mean I didn't know these people. I mean I'm talking about crying to the point where I would be playing/rewinding/fast forwarding/cutting, etc (editing essentially) and every time the bride walked down the aisle I would start to tear up. Even if it was like the 20th time I saw that clip.
This is the kind of sensitivity I'm talking about. So I've developed a plan to prevent said disastrous crying on my wedding day. Last night I spent a good 2 hours crying..and by crying I mean hysterically bawling. Because I downloaded a bunch of songs for the wedding. Recessional march, precessional song, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, etc etc. With each and every song a new river would swell up. I then realized that it might be hopeless to not be drenched come July 7th. So my plan is to listen to those songs every day at least once a day. Then perhaps I shall become numb to it, and won't become so emotional. I don't know what else to do. Short of actually playing 'Somebody's Getting Married' (by the muppets) down the aisle, I don't know how I will keep myself together. I know it is sweet and normal to shed a tear on you wedding day, but this isn't what I'm dealing with. I'm talking about a running stream of water out of my eyes, a puffy and red nose, snot coming down with heaving and shortness of breath. Not attractive. I'm paying A LOT of money for this photographer, and I'm gonna have to photoshop every single picture. I know this is a stupid thing to complain about, but this is beyond an embarrassing amount of sensitivity.
ideas?? (I've cried through 'waterproof' make up)

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