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2007-04-05 @ 2:06 p.m.

Oh hello there. All 2 of you that still come to this diary in (assumably) hopes that I might log in and actually write something. Everyday I say to myself that I will in fact do that very thing, and everyday (other than today) I end up doing nothing of the sort.
Alright so I've been busy. Work is getting busy again. I'm starting to see some spots on tv that I actually worked on, which in my opinion is pretty damn cool. Angel and I will be watching tv and one of the commercials will come on and I'll immediately jump up and down yelling "I did that!!!", then 2 minutes later on a different channel, the spot comes on again, and the same response occurs. Angel comes rather annoyed with this, but oh well!
In other work related news, because I have shown them that I am interested in progressing my career further and to learn as much as possible. I am getting promoted..again. Right now I edit on an Avid Adrenaline, as well as doing lots of After Effects work/Photoshop. But as soon as we find a replacement for myself I will start learning the Avid DS Nitris which is an "online/finishing" program. Basically it's super awesome and I'm really excited about it.
But I am having a hard time not being stressed out by it b/c I have to fight off the fears that I am not good enough and so forth.
And we are moving..again. May 1st we are moving a little further out than we are now, but the rent is cheaper, so it should be alright.
Because of all of this change and stress, we are postponing the wedding a little bit. No definite date has been set, but this gives us enough time to set everything up, be moved in and settled and have some sort of 'down time' as a cushion before the wedding drama starts. So I'm pretty happy, all in all.
That is the Chickie-Legs re-cap. I still want to discuss my Puerto Rico trip that I Angel and I had in January. I have lots of cute pictures to put up and funny stories to tell, but not a lot of time to think it through and go through the effort of actually doing it. So my apologies.
I'm hoping that with a holiday weekend such as the one approaching I will have some free time to do such a thing.
Anyway I hope all of you are well and have a super awesome kick-a-rad Easter!!!

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