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Just back from seeing Conan!

2003-09-14 @ 3:09 a.m.


Well, since the show hasn't aired yet, I don't feel it's ethical to tell you what was on the show. However, I can tell you what happened, regarding everything but the actual content of above said show. So Scott and I get to the Beacon at 4pm. The dress rehearsal starts at 4:00, and the show that we have tickets for (the live one) is at 8PM. So we are super early, and we decide that we will stand in line for four hours so we get rad seats for the 8PM show. At this point we still hadn't checked into our hotel. (We know our priorities people!) So then there are the NBC pages walking around asking us if we would like to go to the dress rehearsal show AND the live show at 8pm. They dont have the theatre filled for the dress, so they want us to go that one too. We at first are puzzled at this concept. Once realizing how fantastic that is, we go! Luggage and all. So we sat in the top tier (out of three) and we saw the first show. Then as we leave to get back in line for the second show, they give us priority status in the line. So not only did we see the dress, we get to be in the front of the line for the real show, ahead of the people who had been waiting outside for hours...Needless to say the guilt of this matter didn't last that long because before we knew it, we were rushing inside to get mad crazy seats. Scott and I mangaged to finagle our way to the THIRD row far right. (If you are looking at the stage we are on the far right side) I was wearing a light pink sweater. So that's all I will say until tomorrow because I don't want to give away any of the details.

One extra thing: I finally got to 'touch' him. At the end people were going to the stage and putting up their hands for him to shake, and after punching several women in the face and stomping on one guy's foot, I got Conan's to shake my hand, and he looked me right in the eye and said 'thank you' I then ran up on stage and dry humped him and he said 'wow, you are the most aswesomest ever! Will you work for me?' and I of course said yes.

the end

p.s. that didn't happen

p.p.s. except he did shake my hand, that did happen.

p.p.p.s check out his show tonight on nbc!!

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