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If they mated..Birthday party review

2004-01-20 @ 2:16 a.m.

If They Mated

Okay so you are probably wondering, "Good God, who is that beautiful girl I see before me?"... or you are more likely thinking, "Good God why did she just say that thing was beautiful? Oh me eyes! ME EYES!!"...and then you would think, "why am I talking like a pirate? Oh no! Good God, I have been infected by the Chickie-Leg!!!"

So last night (Jan 18th) my birthday party was held at the Dave and Buster's in MD. Basically this is an 'adult chuckie cheese'..and no this doesn't involve Billy Bob stripping into a thong and that Bird Playing-the-Bango-Character shaking her possible-bird-boobs. No, I mean it's like video games and a bar. Hells yeah. What more could you want?

Apparently goofy prizes and seeing what your future children would look like!

The above picture is what my kid would look like if Mike and I had..kids. Oh yeah... attractive eh? The thing is, it LOOKS NOTHING LIKE EITHER ONE OF US. Oh well. My friend Chris did this with his girlfriend and they scanned his face and up popped a screen that said 'your face has no recognizable structure'. Well that has to be uplifting. I think this confirms my theory that my friend Chris is a VAMPIRE. Not sure why I capatiilized vampire, but it whatever. It LOOKS GOOD.

So there was like 15 of us or so, I dont know how many people exactly, people kept on buying me drinks. I had two mudslides, a 'scooby snack' and two 'sex on the beach..es'...not sure what the plural form of that would be, so let's go with that one. I wasn't drunk, but I didn't really eat anything all day either. One of the games we played was the Nascar racing game (not sure what other type of game Nascar would sponsor, perhaps a Champagne Squiriting Contest?) Anyway it had 8 chairs, so I played against 7 of my friends (my math teacher would be proud with that assessment) and get this: I KICKED THEIR ASSES!! Oh yeah I beat them all. And now you are thinking that they let me win being my birthday and all, but you don't know my friends. Most of them are guys it's inconceivable! My friend Josh kicked some ass in a game where you had to press a big ass red button when the number hit '1000' but it was like playing the 'gas station game' that I usually play when fillin up. You have to get it exactly on 1000 to win, and you get like 250 tickets! And he got it twice so that kicked ass.

Most of my friends rocked and gave me their tickets so I got some cool prizes. One of them being a 'fuzzy lamp'. Oh yeah, it's a pink lamp with fur on it. I know it sounds extremely girly and I'm not really 'girl-y' but I still like it. I mean it's fuzzy AND it's a lamp, come on! I also got those ball thingies that you roll around in your hand.

So then today Mike came over and my niece Cameron was here and I brought my balls out. Then Cameron told Mike to play with his balls in his hand, close his eyes and pretend that he and I had a baby. I mean I don't know where she comes up with this stuff, it's hysterical. We were dying when she said that, which just egged her on to say more stuff. I mean she is barely 6 years old, she has no idea why that's funny...but still.. lol

All in all, a great time was had by all. To those of you that came, thanks so much!

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