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Go Nads and Manslaughter

2005-04-21 @ 12:20 a.m.

Go Nads and Manslaughter; Another Average Day for Chickie-Legs

So tonight Josh and I went to a District of Columbia Nationals Professional League Baseball game at 'RFK' in DC. I acquired the tickets from a co-worker who has season tickets. We found our seats after purchasing the obligatory ridiculously over-priced hamburgers, fries and chicken fingers at the top of the second inning. Damn I'm so hot fly with my baseball lingo aren't I?
Anyway so our seats were..decent. We were near home base to the left, but on the second tier from the top. (Section 425 for my stalkers.) The first few innings were uneventful. The usual partaking in 'the wave', the barely decipherable announcements, the 'kiss cam' on unsuspecting fans and oh yeah a guy fell down from the top tier to the front row. Wait..what? Oh yeah apparently while Josh and I were enjoying and trying to figure out the best way to eat 'Dippin Dots' (not with a spoon by the way) a man somehow fell over the railing. We didn't even know about it until after the game while scoping the parking lot for his car. The couple behind us were talking about it, and I was, well eavesdropping. Then Josh just messaged me with that article. So yeah that sucked.

But the National's won! Whoooo haaaooooo! I love how fanatic these people are about a team that just formed a few WEEKS ago. I mean at least they can say they were fans from the beginning. But they played pretty well. The final score was 2-0. The problem with 'The Nationals' is their unfortunate name. Josh and I were trying to work up a chant in our area, but "Go District of Columbia Nationals, Go District of Columbia Nationals!"; um yeah that's hard to say over and over, plus the rhythm isn't quite right. I felt like Andy Blitz from Conan O'Brien with his frequent 'cheer' bit he does. (very obscure reference) So eventually Josh and I shortened it to 'Go Nats', which then evolved to "Gonads! Gonads!" Okay, so yeah we're 14, deal with it.
Then as we're trying to escape the parking lot of drunken Nadders, we came across Professor Drunken McBeer. He walked by Josh's car (who is evidently suffering from sort of engine cough) and made some sort of comment about it. Josh yelled out 'yeah, that's my car." Then the other dude turned around and yelled 'I HAVE A WAGON! WITH WOOD SIDE PANELS!'
It was so random it was awesome. It ended a perfect day. Well didn't really end it as I am still awake typing this, but it make me laugh, so that was a bit over zealous of me. Sorry about that. ,br>
Here's a picture from the game:

Other than the game my day was pretty eventful, actually. During my lunch break I almost killed a guy. I was on 395 on my way to my chiropractor appointment as I decided to merge into the lane left of me. Then I noticed a car two lanes to my left trying to get into the same lane. We were obviously in each others' blind spots. So we both swerved quickly to miss each other. Me to the right, him to the left. He swerved so much that he lost control of the car and hit the guard rail and then did a few 360 spins, and almost hit a van as I immediatley pulled over and pushed my heart back into my chest. I witnessed this whole thing in my rear view mirror. It was like out of some sort of movie. A movie that involved a car crash, in fact. I guess which is because it's the only time I have seen that happen. Anyway so I was freaking out and tried to figure out what to do. The thought of driving away came up, but was quickly replaced by the fear of being caught in a 'hit and run' and I foresaw being pushed against the cop car and pinched with hand cuffs on my chickie wrists. "Why did you drive away Ms. Legs? Did you think you would get away with it?" The detective would say at the police station while sipping coffee. "No", I would say, "I didn't know what to do. I didn't even hit the guy, it was an accident. That IS why they call it that, right?"
"Don't smart mouth me missy", as he splashes the unsuprisingly stale coffee in my face. I look back at him and then bow my head in sorrow. "I'm sorry"
So I called the police and told them what happened. The lady told me to turn around and talk to the soon to be arriving police officer. I prayed the whole way that my unreasonablly well-thought out potential future would not come true. I pulled up behind the cop and looked into the passenger seat where the other driver was. His car was totalled, but he seemed perfectly fine. I told him who I was, and apologized profusely. The cop replied non-chalantly 'no one is going to be charged, you are free to go'. He didn't even ask my name. THANK YOU LORD!
I convinced myself on the way back that if I had in fact, driven away, someone would have seen my car and I would have been gunned down in front of my apartment. So I know I did the right thing, as unnecessary as it came out to be.
So there you have it, my day.

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