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Pirates Bears and Glasses

2005-09-19 @ 10:05 a.m.

Avast! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day to you all! Today is the day to talk and act and (if you desire) dress like a pirate. But mostly talk like one. And preferably not smell like one. If you are confused about today, visit here and find out the awesomeness of today. Aye! From one child pirate to you all, you're welcome! Yeah, anyway, so remember that frightening nightmare-inspiring bear story I told 2 entries ago? My mother finally got the film back and revealed the picture that she miraculously captured of this insanely scary beast..

...except for some reason her camera made him appear much smaller in person. But I swear he almost bit my arm off!

Okay not really, but it was still kinda cool. In other news I finally got my glasses. I don't have really bad vision, but it's bad enough to warrant spending $350 on glasses, apparently. I seem to have this evil fairy following me that not only steals my socks and hair ties, but now steals and breaks my glasses as well. I have lost COUNTLESS sunglasses and have broken several prescription glasses. After mine broke almost a year ago I finally decided last week that I was sick of running into old ladies in parking lots and went and got a new pair. But of course, the sale fairy was also punishing me as it seems that I had missed Lens Crafters Grab All the Free Glasses You Want Sale by a week. Rather than waiting another 3 months I decided to fork over the recockulous amount of money for these things. I was so annoyed, but whatever. Angel was more than anxious for me to get them, appearantly he likes chicks in spectacles. Weirdo!

I feel like such a nerd in them..but whatever. When I went back on Friday night to pick them up I exclaimed "I can see! By God, I can... seee!!!" when the dude first put them on and sized them to my extremely crooked ears and nose. I do that everytime, and they never laugh. Dude I just paid you almost $400, at least pretend that it was funny.

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