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Visit far away lands

2002-10-08 @ 12:24 a.m.

So on my way to work this evening (yea! Channnel 12, city of Fairfax) I passed through far away lands that were exotic and exciting to my virgin eyes. Yes, you read that correctly. I drove to work. ....Although technically I didn't drive through them, I just drove past them. So the first country was full of springy comfortable padded things, that made me quite sleepy. Mayor McSlumber was standing in his country, who he had so aptly named, "Mattress Land". That is one slimy politician, that Mayor McSlumber. He's actually related to a friend of mine, Scruffy McScruffs-Alot.

Anyhoo, there's not too much going on in that country, he put me to sleep pretty quickly. Which was pretty convienant for me, being in Mattress Land, and all.

Then if that wasn't cool enough, I soon crossed another country. This particular country wasn't as comfortable as 'Mattress Land'. Unlike Mattress Lands' democracy, 'Carpet Land' is a fierce dictatorship. King Takeyershoesoff is a tyrant, if there ever was one. And yes, there was one, and he lived in Carpet Land, so I guess there is one...rrright, anyway. Yes, so as I was saying, Carpet Land has wall-to-wall carpeting, you could say. But you could say a lot of things, unless you bit your tongue off, then I bet it'd be hard to say much anything at all. Anyway the carptet comes in every color and shape and size. At least that's what the King told me, but when I inquired about the plaid square carpet, I was suddenly kicked out of Carpet Land and off to fend for myself back in the good ole' US of A. Dude, don't you *hate* when people refer to our country as 'the good 'ole US OF A? That's so retarded!

Anyway, so it was quite a journey I went on tonight. Tomorrow I am hoping to venture off to new stranger worlds full of wonder, amazement in a world that items only cost $1.

Till then, keep your head up and keep reaching for the stars, and remember to spade your pet cat and dog to keep the pet population down cuz whitey is always out to get you.

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