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2004-06-22 @ 10:57 p.m.

Downtown, No Finer Place, For Sure

This past weekend I worked on the music video by "Mello-D" on the song "Cool Witchu". Go to their site and check out the song. Now listen to it 1,032 times. That's my weekend in a nutshell.

The difference between this video and the one from last week is that this video did not have a 'story', rather they just 'lip-sanc'' to the words. I don't know what the past tense of 'lip sync' is, but let's assume it's either that or they 'Lance Bassed' the song') Anyway, 'Cool Witchu' is actually pretty good, and the band and extras were really nice....

We shot it in downtown DC, where I both forgot about my worries and my cares, and I luckily got to listen to the music of the traffic of the city. Which, just between you and me, isn't that great a tune. We weren't exactly in the 'best area', and our location was in front of, (and inside) a soup kitchen. There were some interesting charcters that I met on this shoot.

Flocks of homeless folks came out to get some food. But we kept on having to come in and out of the building to bring in all of our equipment. Everytime we opened the door to get another box their eyes would light up as they salivated over the idea of a free sandwich. "Sorry sir, it's just a cable and a light stand...but you can have this tic-tac! It's all I have!!"

One homeless woman was wearing a purple dress circa 1926, a pearl necklace, walked with a cane and wore a hat with a feather in it . It was quite possibly one of the saddest and yet somewhat inspirational things I've ever seen.

Another man, with home-to-be-determined came up to me. He completely reminded me of the Billy Crystal character in "The Princess Bride". When he spoke his tongue came out a little far, spit flew out of his mouth, ricocheted off of his scruffy white beard and usually landed on my head. I couldn't understand most of his drivel, but I heard the words, 'enslaved my country', 'i like to eat grapes' and 'why is that woman wearing that hat?'. Everything else he said was indecipherable as he was from Russia, I believe. I eventually got him to leave me alone, but while he was talking to me, I tried to appear interested. I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but I didn't really have time to listen to him.

I was waiting for pictures from this shoot for this entry, but I haven't received them, and I don't think there are any, actually. So you will have to imagine these people on your own. Just don't imagine me fat, because that's just mean.

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