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2005-06-08 @ 1:00 p.m.

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I'm in love.
With my new job, my new apartment, and yes, my 'new' boyfriend. Everything is finally coming into place all at once. It's kinda scary, but exciting. I sound like such a nerd right now don't I?
The thing is that despite all chickie-legs diaryland appearances I am a pessismist and a 'worrier'. People that know me know this very well. So because everything is going so well right now, I can't turn off the idea that something horribly awful is going to happen soon. So I almost can't enjoy the fact that my job kicks ass, my apartment is super rad and my boyfriend Angel, is well an Angel (as cliche and retarded as that is.) Yes I'm one sappy syrupey sugar-filled pancake right now.

Since I dont have a lot of free time at work to write here, I'm just going to attach a panoramic picture of my new view I made last night with my digital camera (thanks Patch, I love it!) It's not the best, but it was my first attempt at doing it.

I will write more tonight detailing other inconsequential boring Bethie-stuff.

And hopefully less sap, and more SASS.

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