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2002-11-30 @ 12:08 p.m.


I guess because of my medicine (pint of ben and jerry's) I have lots of weird dreams. Last night I didn't sleep well, I kept on waking up in a fit of frustration. I dreamt all about my family, and running away...that's the worst part of having weird dreams. Whenever I try to explain them to people they just feign interest, because dreams are really only interesting to you. It's like explaining a really bad movie to someone. Except the person you are explaining to usually is a loved one, so they feel they have to say "yeah, wow that's crazy". Or they start to analyze your dreams for you. "Beth, well you dreamt that your breasts were avocados, so that must mean you ate too much ice cream the night before, and that you really hate your father and I."

*sigh* Maybe it just really means my imagination is insane. I cannot control it during the day, let alone during the night. Sometime my dreams are very entertaining. My favorite are the ones where I can fly. If I run fast enough, I can start flying over the clouds and look over my house. I remember when I was a kid I used to jump off my bed, b/c I figured if I believed it hard enough, I could fly. Of course this is not an original idea at all.

Speaking of unoriginal ideas, I'm thirsty. I used to drink a lot of milk. But recently I have become so spoiled to drinks that actually taste good, that when I do drink milk, it is seriously lacking in flavor. More specifically, Oreo-cookies-type-flavor. *runs to get double stuff Oreo's*

That's what really sucks about our cat, Oreo. His blasted name! My brother got that cat when he was in elementary school. He was responsible for naming him. "I know! He is black and white, so I will name him Oreo"

"Wow, that is OUR son, he is such a genius!!!"

When I got my cat in the fifth grade, I wanted to be original. So I went to our pantry and started looking at brand names. Keebler was my first choice, but then I saw "Nabisco". That just seemed perfect to me. Needless to say I had Nabisco for 8 years, and I am still not over his death. (He died 5 years ago) Hopefully for either Christmas or my birthday (January 19th) I will get another kitty. (white hymalayian with blue eyes) I am definitely going to name him Keebler. I shall call him "Keebs" or "Keebie" for short.

I'm gonna go spend some time with the 'fam', they are in town for Thanksgiving. They leave tomorrow. It was good to see everyone. All of us haven't been together like this in over 10 years. So that was cool. Tonight I'm gonna try a new Ben and Jerry's flavor, maybe if I have vanilla ice cream I can dream more interesting dreams that "Phish Food" inspired-thoughts. I think I shall write a thesis on this. Ben and Jerry's Flavors: What Dreams May Come. Yeah that sounds good.

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