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The Joy of Cooking

2004-06-25 @ 9:36 a.m.

The Joy Extreme Pain of Cooking

So last weekend during my weekly required parental visit, my mother gave me a bottle of 'General Tso Chicken Sauce'. Which is GREAT, because that's pretty much my favorite Chinese dish. (But usually the shrimp version)

So last night I figured that I should morph into Iron Chef Beth and try it out. I remembered my mother had given me some frozen chicken breasts, so I whipped out my cookin-shirt and got ready. I followed the directions and poured oil into the skillet. Then turned on the gas stove. Now here's the thing. I've never worked with a gas stove before. My family always just had the Regular Kind (note the fancy lingo here). So the oil was what I assumed to be hot..being that large flames were underneath it and all.

So I put in one piece of chicken. Then POP pop pop! Sparks of hot ass oil flying all over the place. "What the....is this normal? How do people do this?!"

So I had to remove the pan away from the eternal flame whilst burning my flesh with droplets of airborne oil. So I turned down the heat some...then put in the rest of the chicken. But I think I put too much oil in..it was more like a 'half soak in oil/half stir fry' type deal. Now the directions on the bottle said to put the chicken and the sauce in at the same time, but I guess I kinda missed that part because I just cooked the chicken and put the sauce on at the end of the 'frying'. At that point I'm like 'damn I'm cooking over heh'. So I let it cool for a bit and turned off the stove. Poured some milk and put all the chicken on my plate. Of course I then poured even more sauce on top. I tried to eat it slowly to conpensate for the fact that I just spent a lot of time making this stuff...but of course in the end I was like 'I should have just ordered it.'

But hopefully this was just a lesson learned. Next time I will try and actually fry the chicken, like they do in the restaurant. What do they add to do that? I think they roll the raw chicken in some type of breading or something...? I'll just have to invent something I guess. Maybe some crushed M&M's..yeah that sounds good.


So last week I had just a few people over to celebrate my freedom from Tyranny and I showed off my newly displayed hot pink and yellow M&M's. Most of the people were like 'is this for decorative or snack purposes?'. MM WELL, since it is in a closed container...and it somehow matches my apartment...uhh?? But I saw several people just grab handfuls of it oblivious to the time and energy I spent trying to get these things. Those bastards!!

P.S. My super gold membership is about to expire...so feel free to help your favorite chickie out.. (yes I have no shame) BUY ME STUFF :)
GOOD LORD PEOPLE! I just put this up TODAY...who updated my membership? You guys are too sweet...who did it?? And thank you so much, whoever did it!!!!

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