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I Wear Many Hats

2004-01-12 @ 2:24 a.m.

I Wear Many Hats

Okay so as some of you have perhaps noticed, my www.lilbeth.com site is no longer available. My account expired a few weeks ago. So I am in the process of buying a new domain name for my future possible production company, or just a site that features all of my work for employers to peruse. Oh yeah, I said peruse, jealous?

Anyway, here is the rough template I am thinking about. Those of you I know have already seen this, so you dont have to give your input.

The concept is that 'I many hats', meaning 'I do lots of stuff'. Each button is an actual picture of me wearing a different hat. I took out my face, and painted my hair and shirt a solid color to look well, painted. But the hat is still the actual hat. (just so you know what you are looking at)

When you click on a picture, a corresponding page will come up with a different aspect of my stuff. For instance I was thinking the beret hat will be my artwork. The awesome white winter hat that Mike gave me will be my writing and such, etc.

So basically if I could just get some input, hopefully positive, that would be cool. I am also working on a possible template for this site and for Bill. I am new to this whole graphic design/web building, and it's fun/exciting. I just have a lot of stuff/html to learn/research.

But I have mastered the art of hyphens/slashes.

Oh yeah one more thing, my mom already noted that she doens't like that she can't see my face, but this isn't for my face, it's for my work, so I don't think my face matters!


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