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Phantom Entry; The Return

2005-02-22 @ 12:47 a.m.

Phantom Entry: The Return

So I had this dream about a grasshopper. He was really into 'chew'; so he spit a lot. After he spit all over my shoes about twelvety thousand times he told me to re-post my last entry that I deleted. He said even if no one else thinks it's funny, at least he does. I tend to listen to talking tobacco-addicted-Kubrick-lovin' insects so I am putting this up again. Of course only one person knows what the heck I'm talking about, but whatever.

Anyway, so I visited the Apple site and stumbled upon some more variations of their iPods. First we have the "iPod Loop; Beethoven Edition". This iPod comes with all of Beethoven's brilliant masterpieces and "Singing in the Rain". That's it, no other songs can fit. The actual iPod is the size of a wedding ring. (Which has a double meaning with the 'loop' theme) I felt that their ad campaign was slightly disturbing to say the least. I won't link to the actual video, so I just put a still from it:

Then I saw they came out with "iPod Pi" this morning. iPod Pi is so small it can only hold 3.14 songs. Yet it still costs $39.99. During the first 17 seconds of the first song it cuts off and goes back to the first one. This iPod is so small it actually just fits into your ear. So no device is actually needed. I still can't figure out how you actually download the songs. I think some sort of fusion is involved. Who knows, it's all relative, I guess.

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