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Alright then

2004-09-25 @ 8:05 p.m.

Alrighty Then

First of all I would like to thank the individual who bought me the Prince cd off of my 'wish list'. I won't say who it is, but I thanked him and would just like to say how appreciative I am of all of my friends, online or not, for their support lately. As you might have reasoned I have been feeling 'down' lately for various reasons. I won't go into detail but I think the last entry will give you a little perspective. Read into it what you want. I don't like to discuss 'real life' stuff on this diary. Sometimes I feel as though I can only write 'funny' entries because that's what people read it for. That being said, let's move on.
Summary of the past 2 weeks:
Friday night: asked to video a lingerie show in DC featuring underwear by Donna L'oren. I attempted to dress up for the event. Which ended up being my new pinstripe black pants, three inch heels (big mistake) and quasi-tight sleeveless beige shirt. I arrived pretty early so I hung out in the hotel where the models were. A glass of champagne and loads of make up later, the professional hairstylist came in touching up the models' hair. She then asked if I wanted mine done. I shrugged and said 'just don't go crazy'. (the show had a 'punk' theme) So 20 minutes later I get up and look in the mirror...
umm, yeah my hair reminded me one of those anime characters. She put my hair into two tails on the side, teased them real big, morphed them into balls, and then had some strangs hanging down. Not something I would do...ever but it actually looked kinda cool.

Sunday: My work was shooting a Pfizer
commercial. There's nothing better than having free extras at your disposal. I invited my friends Tom and Chris to come to with me make our debut on national tv. They were disappointed to hear that it was not for Viagra, and they would not receive 'free samples'. We arrived at 9am to a buffet of craft services. This is where it got a little weird for me because I am usually the one that sets up the craft table, not the one eating two of everything off of the craft table. Then there was the truck parked in front of my work with all the lighting eqiupment, stands, flags, clips, cables, etc. These are the things that I usually bring in, and not pretend to use as swords against Tom and Chris. I felt weird. And no, not because I just scarfed down half a dozen free donuts, but because I was on the other side. I was on enemy territory. I was no longer the 'hired help' but now the 'prima donna'. I actually went up to one of the PA's and asked if they needed help. Of course he snorted a production nerd laugh and scoffed 'no', so I was like 'alrighty, let's have another donut'. Our parts were minimal. The basic premise was that it was a 'call center' and we were the mindless minions in the background 'working'. Which apparently in Pfizer world means 'walking around with papers in your hand'. Because that's basically what everyone did. MAK and I were in two 'cubicles' handing out these 'very important documents'. But here's a little behind the scenes easter-egg action for you: they were just teared up pieces of paper. I had the yellow note pad, and she had the white. Voila! The appearance of 'working professionals' is achieved. Eventually we got a little bored so we started actually writing things on them. Such as "your ass is hot", "Where's the viagra?" and "Beth has herpes"...then we had to do the Spanish version of the spot. The main character switched with the guy who does the Spanish version so we decided to make our notes in Spanish. But I hadn't taken Spanish in over 7 years so mine ended up being: "I love hambergesus and los tacos". And "Beth has el herpeso".

Wednesday: I joined the 'Y". A co-worker reassured my thoughts that I am, in fact, hugely obese when she pleaded with me to join the nearby Y.M.C.A. I think calling it the 'Y' is a little unnecessary as the Y.M.C.A. is already an acronymn, but that's just me. Eventually it will be just the mere suggestion of moving your mouth that people will know you are talking about the YMCA. Then I found out that it actually stands for "Yellow Mandarin Cheesecake, AAAGHHhll". I didn't think you could put the noise drool makes in an acronymn, but apparently you can. The 'Y" is a gym so that people can eat 'YMCA's' without having to feel bad about it. I know, who would have thought? Much to my surprise all the workers, lifeguards and janitors are required to dress up as one of the Village People. They are really proud of that disco-sporting-event-theme-song since it is an homage to their establishment. They really, really take that seriously. Really.
Large signs all around the gym sport different messages such as "you can do whatever you feel (as long as you put the towels in the bins)" and "You can get yourself cleaned, you can have a good meal (we have showers and vending machines)". They offer aerobic, pilates and yoga classes too, which is pretty cool. Of course their movements are limited to doing the same four letters using different limbs, but it's still a workout I was assured. And FYI, I joined a week and a half ago and STILL haven't gone once. I like to think that signing up, paying $60 a month and the guilt associated with not going takes off a few pounds in itself. We'll see how long that lasts...

And finally this past week I have worked late (at work) helping out the acct. dept and on one day helped out the editing guy. He actually had me edit this one 7 second clip in After Effects that they actually used. I was shocked. It took me 2 hours to do, and I was at work doing it till 12:30 am, so he said he would pay me $200 for it. So I'm pretty pleased with that. Just imagine what he would pay me if it was a full minute worth of video!

So that's about my 2 weeks in a diary-shaped nutshell. I have to go into work tomorrow too to help out with Accounting again. Lots of filing and reconciling, they said they'd pay me extra so that's good. Apparently living on your own making VERY little isn't as easy as I was hoping.

Anyway thanks again for ya'll support :) I'll write again this week!

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