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An Andy Rooney Rant of the Day

2003-10-29 @ 1:32 a.m.

My 60 Minutes-Type-Rant of the Day

1) Doesn’t anyone else find it odd that ‘Play Skool’ is not spelled correctly?

2) I recently discovered that it is not in fact, “Doggy Dog World”, but “Dog Eat Dog’. Yeah THAT makes a LOT more sense…

3) I use the word ridiculous and clearly way too much. It’s ridiculous really. (Clearly).

4) Speaking of Play-Skool, you know you’re getting old when the group “Leaders of the New Skool” is now considered Old School rap.

5) I think guys with random patches of grey hair is sexy.

6) What is with the recent diaryland fad of hyper-linking almost every word in their entry to some random website? Of course I have also fallin' to this annoying trend….but it needs to somehow be regulated.

7) I think the mysterious Sock and Hair-Tie Fairies are in cahoots together for the ultimate goal of not only make me shave my head, but somehow work in an unfortunate chainsw accident resulting in a foot-less Chickie Legs.

8) Sometimes I wish I was the fluffy pen-type of girl, but I’m really not. I just can’t seem to pull that look off.

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