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Bear City

2005-09-08 @ 10:25 a.m.

Videos, Lack of Sleep and Bears, Oh My!

Okay so I didn't write when I said I would *shocker*...

I know, I know, you all were wetting your pants in anticipation to hear about the most recent video shoot. However, I have been too lazy and physically exhausted, (mostly lazy) to upload all the pics, so I am just going to focus on one part of the weekend in this particular entry.

Angel and I stayed at my parents house because the location of the video was closer to them than to my, or Angel's place. Saturday morning we awoke to my mom's assortment of sugary breakfast choices, sore muscles, blisters on our hands and a bear in the backyard. Oh hells yeah, while in the kitchen chatting it up while bringing the family up to date on the shoot, Angel non-chalantly mentioned the fact that there was a black bear 2 feet away from the kitchen window.

Of course we all screamed like little girls (sans Angel of course who was still standing there sipping his juice as if there wasn't a giant bear standing in front of him)and scrambled for our cameras. My mom, brother and I finally found our cameras, to which we tried to capture the wonderous beast. But of course my battery was dead, Patch's wouldn't turn on and my mom was too slow. I reasoned the sudden camera problems because this was clearly a Ghost Bear. Because only Ghost Bears have the ability to make electronics suddenly not work properly. Ghost Bears don't like to be photographed. So between the three of us and our cameras we did not get a picture of the friggin bear. Because of this, and my slight boredom this morning, I have made an artist photoshopped rendering of said bear:

Not sure why he had a suitcase, my guess is he was going to Bear City. That stupid song was in my head all weekend after we saw that bear by the way. And I think the only two people that will automatically get that reference is Matt and Gary. Anyway, the bear was kick ass, man. Once it went to the front yard, I went outside and chased it while frantically throwing my hands in the air like an orangutang. I figured that was the only way the Ghost Bear would respect me. People who don't do some sort of wild hand gesture get eaten by Bears. There was a study done on this a while ago. I can't remember who, or where or what the result of the study was, but I assure you it exists.*

After a few hundred feet I grew tired and the Bear ran off in fear of the Chickie Legged Freak fast on his trail. Then Angel and I had to go back to Sterling for the second day of shooting.

Later I will detail the entire weekend with pictures of the video shoot. Let me just say that my prediction of not liking the song was mostly correct, rotating stages without a motor is THE DEVIL, and watching your boyfriend tie up a hot girl is not my definition of a good time.


*no it doesn't

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