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I updated already sheesh

2005-03-15 @ 3:45 p.m.

Okay, so I know I haven't written in FOREVER, so please forgive me. I just haven't been in the mood to write anything. And I didn't want to put something up here just to put something up here.
And yet, that's exactly what I'm doing now.

Nothing has really been going on anyway. *Shockingly* there has not been a surge of applicants dying to take over my job. So it's like I'm sitting here in front of the gates of the Chocolate Factory of Robots and Piratey Editing (which will be the name of my future editing company by the way), except I can't get into the swirly-slide front-door because my legs are clamped to this reception desk and I can't hear the voice activitation entrance instructions because the phones keep incessantly ringing; taunting me with their every bleep.


That phone is more evil than I thought. And it's apparently also into hip-hop.

...also about the template changes, I know I keep changing the monitor, I just get bored with it I guess. I am merely trying to keep up with Ricky, the Master of Template Changes. You could say that it has obvious symbolism; the two faces of Beth, (one cartoonish, one serious). It also reflects on my sometimes 'puzzling' disposition and my occassional inability to 'stay together' and be cohesive in my thoughts. The fact that I'm bi-polar might also play a role in the dual reality that plagues both my off and online persona.

...or it could just be the fact that I thought it looked super dope kick-ass.

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