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Making of the Video; A Photo Diary

2004-06-14 @ 4:42 p.m.

I'm So Cool, You Don't Even Know

Alright so excuse my lack of new entries as of late. I have been "busy" doing "things". Helping out in the production of a music video being one of them. (Sleeping and being lazy being most of them.) This past Saturday and Sunday I worked with the guys I've done two things with now to shoot a video for the band 'Even Out'. They are gonna be big, I predict. They opened for Sting last week here in DC actually. They seem like really cool guys and gave us free copies of their cd's, so they can't be all bad.

Anyway, here are a few photos from my experience. A 'photo-diary', if you will:

Here is a picture of us setting up location at Ft. Hunt in Alexandria. We used the curved dolly track for moving shots..which looks crazy awesome on tape. I am holding a board to help with lighting, or lack of since it was cloudy most of the day. But mostly, I was just trying to look busy. Because holding something equates to 'working'.

Here is a picture of me grooving to the tune of "I only slept 5 hours last night". I was such an awesome dancer everyone ran off to find their cameras and capture my awesomeness on film, apparently.

This is a picture of me, Joseph and Doug (the drummer). I don't remember what I was praying for, but it most likely involved a downpour of ice cream or baskets of kittens.

...or both.

This is later in the day on set in downtown DC. We are cleaning up some glass from a goldfish bowl. The concept of the video is kinda hard to explain, but basically at that point the main character 'tripped' and accidently threw a goldfish bowl. (for which we had guys trying to catch) (they missed) (hence us cleaning up the glass.)

This is a shot of me looking for the ice cream and kittens that I prayed for earlier. (weren't there)

We found this guy sleeping next to the dumpsters in the alley during one of our scenes. We gave him some of our food and then he told us he was the The Shit of gogo drummers. So I told him to play for us. He then wheeled out this massive rig of trash cans, cones, shopping carts, (and well whatever is on this picture) He was actually pretty good. He used cut off broomsticks as handles, and the cart was the cymbol. It was really awesome. I hope things start to look up for him soon.

Anyway these are pictures from only yesterday, I don't have the pictures from Saturday yet, but I will post them if ya'll want me to. Anyway shout out to Wraith Films for hiring this goober. I think we are doing another music video next weekend too.

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