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Jumpin Jackolantern uh flash

2004-10-18 @ past my bedtime..again.

Jumpkin' Jack Flash-o-Lantern

Is it pathetic to admit that the highlight of my weekend was carving this thing?? (pun intended).

I like carving things. Pumpkins, watermelons, turkeys. You name it I'll slice it up and make it look like something else. I feel bad for the pumpkins though. They get the brunt of the carves. Yeah the carves. That's a word.
Anyway, nobody likes them just the way they are. They are the pioneers of plastic surgery.
Who orgininated the carving-pumpkin ritual? Instead of actually researching it I think I will make something up.
I imagine it started when a 25 year old loser was home alone on a Saturday night and got bored.

Because there is really no other rational explanatio as to why I... I mean other people do this.

FYI, 'explanatio' was not mispelled. I was just trying to impress you with my mad Spanish-speaking-skills. Yes, my S.S.S. I'll taunt you with my apparent mysterious and phantom other abilities on another day.

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