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goofy poem

2002-11-14 @ 12:20 p.m.

Michael, how I love thee...
let me count the ways:
Yes, I love thee in one very specific way, a very hetereo-pragma sort of way.
You spoil me and spoil me with gifts-galore.
I am not worth it, I declare,
Why am I such a bore?
A saphire ring, a dozen red roses,
a strong bad sweatshirt,
a roll full of poses.
You open my door,
your sweet,gentle kisses,
you're a gentleman of old time's lore.
One day you will see that I'm nothing but a fraud,
for behind these brown eyes,
is a girl named Maude.
Yes, an ugly girl named Maude.
six-foot-3, with long curly hair, big ass nose,
that stretches from here, to there.
where am I going with this poem?
I do not know,
maybe you should ask my dentist,
I heard he snorts a lot of snow.

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