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My Pilot Was Cancelled

2004-05-31 @ 1:17 a.m.

Project Redlight

Well I heard back from NBC about the page program, and I did not get asked back for the second round of interviews.


It's okay though, things are going well where I am now anyway. (Especially my desk area, courtesy of the previously mentioned massive amounts of M&M's).

Anyway the company that I have technically been temping for the past three months is going to hire me legit (hopefully) this week. So this means I'll finally have health insurance after about two years of having to pay massive amounts of money for my prescribed narcotics that include, but are not limited to:

* 12 oz daily Ben and Jerry's Phish Food, (I hear that flavor is going to be split up and into individual flavors soon)

* 5 g raw Hershey's syrup,

* 200mg capsules of sprinkles, (to be taken with food)

* tv and vcr repair,

* black tar heroin,

* or get your degree!

So, I'm looking forward to just having to have the co-pay to worry about.

Plus, I mean I did just move into this phat deluxe apartment one room studio, and to get out of it would be nearly impossible. Especially with all of my crap blocking the door.

I know I have always wanted to work for NBC, to marry Jimmy Fallon and to have Conan's love child. But I don't think that this obvious COMPLETE misjudgement of theirs will hinder that eventual outcome.

Besides, Jimmy quit SNL this season anyway.

When is is revealed in a few years that I held the secret sought-after paging abilities that they have been searching for 70 years now, it will take all of my will power to turn down their eleventy billion dollar offer.

Your loss, NBC. YOUR LOSS.

N = Not

B = Beth's

C = Career


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