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Voice of a New Chickie-Nation

2004-05-26 @ 5:03 p.m.

Voice of a New Chickie-Nation

So today all of my training and hard work has paid off. No, I didnt get a promotion as editor.

The fact is, I have not spoken more in my life than I have in the past three months working as a receptionist for a very large advertising agency.

My skills of verbal communication have not gone un-noticed, it appears. For those of you living in South Carolina, look forward to hearing my voice in a tv spot near you.

Oh hells yeah.

I recorded a very short voice-over line for an ad that is going to appear in SC. I am not going to say what ad, because I don't want to give away my secrets the name of my company.

But I assure you, it was no easy task. What I had to say was a bit of a tongue twister.

As I was leaving work today, I wanted to go back to the production area to see it. As I walk down the hallway, I hear my voice in stereo in high def and yelpt. Yes, I yelpt.

Hearing your own voice is very often disturbing, especially when it echoes in your work place, on a loop.... Well at least for me.

Tomorrow I plan on giving them my bill. I know voice-over work is very expensive these days. And they could never replace the voice of a pirate-girl, now could they?

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