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2003-07-09 @ 1:20 a.m.

You know you haven't written enough entries lately, or good ones when people who used to put you in your 'favorite diaries', no longer do...have your name...okay it's late and I can't put a coherent sentence together! Yea!

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I'm hella busy. And yes, I said hella.

I'm that busy.

My mom and I have been enjoying the comedic stylings of Ellen Degeneres on HBO this past week. Man they really like to repeat their shit, don't they? I've just about memorized her entire show. But that's what I do when I like something. I am all about something, e.g. a particular CD (Daft Punk's discovery comes to mind) then I listen to it so much I get friggin sick of it. Yeah, just like pancakes. Good you're listening Sparky. Here's a twizzler.

Don't you love it when student presenters throw out candy? How demeaning is that, really? No, seriously, I'm asking. Okay, well the whole point is to go up there and make a presentation on their particular theory or whatever and in order to make sure that audience (i.e. half asleep college kids) are paying attention, they have to throw out candy for correct answers. Which just becomes a matter of George merely raising his hand mocking the process, giving half assed answers, making the class laugh, and the presentesr reluctantly throw him a snickers. And what has been accomplished, exactly? Adult pattern diabetes?


Class dismissed.

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