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"24" - The Day from Hell

2004-01-31 @ 12:58 a.m.


The past 24 hours of my life is definitely one for the books. And by 'book', I guess, well I mean this book.

It all started with my parents, Mike and I going to see "Mama Mia" in DC last night. We had awesome seats, 6th row, dead center. As soon as we get our seats, my mother leans over to me and points out the fact that two rows up, four seats to the right of me is none other than the First Lady of the United States. Oh yeah Laura Bush was definitely 10 feet away from yours truly. I looked at her and smiled and I'm pretty sure she saw that I was looking at her in more of a 'positive' way and smiled back. Yeah, I'm a republican and I have and will vote for Bush. DEAL.

The play was really great, despite the fact that there was this Indian guy next to me that apparently was a little too short and kept on leaning into me to see the stage. And since the First Lady was there, there were 'secret service' guys all over. They were not very incognito, it was so obvious, with the wires in their ears and what not. So at the end, ABBA music is funking out and people are singing along and what not, and I look over to this big secret service guy at the end of my row and he is bobbing his head. Throughout most of the play I don't even think he was watching, but I guess secret service guys like to groove. I whispered over to Mike and we both looked at him and we started bobbin' our heads, then I look back and the SS dude and he is staring right at me. Haha I embarrassed a Secret Service dude. That kicks ass. So overall, the show was pretty good.

Then I go home. Josh came over and we started working on this lame new layout of mine. He leaves around 3-ish.
I then find out that one of my good friends had an emergency and I needed to go to the hospital ASAP. I call up Josh and we go over there, I try to see my friend. I managed to see him for a second, waving through a curtain. He made eye contact with me and waved back. I knew he was going to be okay at that point. Even though I'm sure he doesn't remember me being there now.

Relieved, Josh and I left to go home.

At this point, it is about 5:40 A.M. Josh and I are merging onto the beltway when suddenly the whole car seems to jump up 2 feet as we hit (I guess) a huge ass pot-hole. I look over to Josh and then close my eyes as I pray that I just didn't blow my tire. A few seconds go by, and I realize that I did. At this point on the beltway (495) there is little-to-no room to pull over, but I really had no choice. I can barely open my door, in fear of being run over by approaching non-helping-bastard-filled cars. So we get out and Josh is like, "Yeah your front right tire is like definitely flat." Except he really didn't say it like that, I just felt like giving him an unnessary valley-girl accent. So GREAT flat tire!! I open my trunk and get out the spare and suddenly remember that Mike has my jack and tire iron. But I do have the spare and wheel lock. Super!

I call my dad to see if he will help me out.... but it was suggested that I find another way. Just when I was about to use Josh as a tire, a 'Safety Patrol Random Truck" person pulls up behind me. He gets out of his car and immediately starts shaking his head and sighing obnoxiously too loud.

He comes over to me and asks what the problem is, I politely tell him that I have a flat but I don't have my jack with me. He then looks at me like I shot his mother and says 'Don't have your jack eh? Typical". He then goes to his truck puts up a flare, and gets his jack. He takes off his helmet smashes it into the snow, (yeah make sure it doesn't roll away there ass, oh yeah did I mention it was snowing outside? It was pretty cold, especially being out there for like an hour. Maybe not as cold as like oh, I dont know Minnesota but it was cold nonetheless) Anyway he continues to sigh, shake his head and glare at me. I wanted to just go up to him and be like, "I'm sorry Sir, believe it or not, I didn't do this intentionally to piss you off. In fact, yeah THIS IS YOUR JOB!". But I didn't.

He then instructs ME to get inside the car to stay warm while Josh stays outside. I was like, "Sir, it's my car. I'm not going inside if my friend isn't." Then he says, "well I don't care, get in the car young lady!" I was like this guy is like Dr. Jekl/Mr. Fuck Bag. So I get in the car all the while mouthing to Josh "I'm sorry, I'm sorry". Josh is such a trooper, I'm so blessed to have a friend like him. Thanks Josh :)

So Jekyl/Bag finally finishes, and gives me my stuff and yells at me to not drive over 50. I thanked him profusely and drove off. Josh and I looked at each other and started laughing, as if to say, 'WTF? How are we gonna top this one?"

So I dropped off Josh and went home. I probably didn't fall asleep until like 8:30 this morning. Upon waking up, I had to go to the DMV to renew my driver's license. It expires tomorrow. I went to the one in the mall because it doesn't close until 6:30. I get there at 4:30 and they tell me that I can't get my license because I have to take a test, and they are filled up with people waiting to take the test. I didn't even blink, "Of course, why would this go right? Why did I possibly think that I could try and accomplish something today and have nothing go wrong?"

So Patch and I get some ice cream (the best thing that has happened in these 24 hours) and go home. The rest of the day I worked on this site, attempted to make dinner out of way-too-old-frost-bitten food and watch TV.

Then Mike calls me. We talk for a while. We have been having problems lately. So yeah we are taking a break. No details are needed about this. It's just sucks in general.

And that concludes the most ridiculous/awesome/scary/weird/yummy/depressing day of my life.

Boy does tomorrow have a lot to live up to or what??

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