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come on eileen!!!!dammit woman

2003-04-13 @ 5:43 p.m.

Call it PMS if you Want

I don't know why, but my whole life, I have been very easily annoyed. I get annoyed with all types of commercials, specific people, the way people talk, the way people breathe, the way people walk, the way people type, etc etc. It's a serious disorder, I guess it stems from my illness (addiction to sugar), but one of the things that annoy me the most is the way people react to the song, "Come on Eileen" by the Dexys Midnight Runners.
Perhaps I am missing some sort of historical and/or sentimental signficance to this song, but what is the big deal? Here is an excerpt from the lyrics:

Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

Poor old Johnny Ray
Sounded sad upon the radio
He moved a million hearts in mono
Our mothers cried and sang along and who'd blame them
Now you're grown, so grown, now I must say more than ever
Go toora loora toora loo rye aye
And we can sing just like our fathers

Okay at some point the song gets R E A L S L O W. This is the point of no return for my insanity. Whenever this song is played in a public venue, be it live, (i.e. Jimmy Fallon's live performance at the 9:30 club) or at a party, everyone feels the need to sing-along in a joyous union of sentimental pride of the fact that they know the lyrics. Or at least, they think they know the lyrics. Maybe it's the fact that it gets slow, and then fast again! Wow! What an insane concept! Then everyone starts cheering, "yeah!" The whole band played it slow, then sped it up! That's amazing, and calls for me to yell and clap and cheer like a big fat idiot! I think that whole slow-down-part concept confuses people, exaggerating their already drunk state, making them want to sing-along even more. Then there is the obligatory arm-around-shoulder-stand-in-a-circle-swooning-back-and-forth-with-leg-kicking-ritual. I truly don't get this! Usually I am the only one at the party who sits idly by against the wall rolling my eyes in annoyance. What is the big deal with this song? Can someone please explain it to me? And what do the profound lyrics, "Go toora loora toora loo rye aye" mean, exactly?And why do these people act like they actually know what it means? ("OOh boy, here is the Tora loora looo rye, part, that's my favorite part! I have no idea what it means, but everyone is singing along, and it gets real slow, so that must mean it's important and COOOOOOL, so that must mean it's good! Bye golly!") I understand it's some sort Irish, thing but why does it make drunk people so excited? It's a mystery to me.

And that, is truly annoying.

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