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Wake Up Call

2004-05-10 @ 1:30 p.m.

Wake-Up Call

So I moved into my new place this weekend. (I'll put up pictures eventually) And all is well. I still need a few things, shower curtain, trash can, couch, social life... but those will come with time and future paychecks. (hopefully not the 'life' part) (I hate having to pay people to like me)

However right now I am in the 'disbelief' stage of living on my own. I still can't believe that I don't live at home, or with anyone else and that my room is all mine. Right now it just feels like I am staying at decent hotel that just happens to have all of my stuff in it.

I think the wake up call will be when I come home everyday and find out that the non-existant maid did not make my bed, discover that my toilet paper doesn't have the cute little triangle fold on the end, see that there is no mint on my pillow.

Mmmm, pillow mints...

No tip for her dammit.

Another important thing I need to do is go grocery shopping. My mom was so generous by giving me some food to start out with. You know, the essentials. Mustard and Italian dressing. You are probably thinking 'ummm nooo. Those are not essentials'

Well then, smartypants you clearly don't know me that well. I pretty much put Italian dressing on anything to make it taste better. And if that doesn't work, either mustard or chocolate will. Which doesn't bode well with guys, but since I'm remaining single for the rest of my life, that won't be a problem.

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