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Really embarassing and lame stuff about me

2003-11-01 @ 1:45 a.m.

Truth Hurts

There seems to be a recent trend in diaryland to dedicate an entry to giving somewhat insignificant, yet embarrassing facts about yourself. And since I've always been partial to peer pressure, here are just a few TRUE disturbing things about myself.

1) In the fourth grade I had a bike accident and broke off my two front teeth. They replaced them with a 'temporary' tooth that only covered the bottom half. These temporary fixes lasted about 8 years before the left one fell out while eating a tootsie pop. It fell out again last summer while opening a box of ice cream sandwiches. (Anyone see a pattern here?) Because of this, I can never eat corn on the cob, apples, open things with my teeth in general, PLUS the added pleasure of being so self conscious about the difference in color, and also more annoyingly, after EVERY BITE of food, I instinctly lick my teeth to make sure they are still there. If I ever want to get these suckers fixed, it will cost about $10,000. Donations can be made, just email me :)

2) Up to the age of 7, I used to suck my two middle fingers on my right hand, pull hair with my left hand from the right side of my head, wrap the hairs around my fingers, and suck them all day long. I still have a little bump on one of the fingers. And also when I had a haircut when I was like 8 the barber actually said something about the fact that I had a lot less hair on my right side than the left.

4) When I was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck, and they had to use a plunger to get me out. Apparently I was very very dark blue. (despite the fact that is was 'a bright and sunny day'.)

5) I don't think I ever recovered completely from that ordeal. Which I think explains why I am so 'unique' and 'special' as my mom keeps telling me I am. (see point # 2, 3 & 6)

7) When I was 5, we lived in Ft. Worth, Texas. (don't mess with it). Anyway again, playing with a friend was going on. I think we were rollerskating or something. I had to sit down and tie my laces when I started to feel pain all over my legs and 'lower torso'. It felt like something was biting me. Oh yeah because something was; RED FIRE ANTS. Evidently I sat on a fire ant hill, and they crawled all over me. I think my friends mom saved me and rushed me to the bath tub where she washed all of them away. I don't think it gets more traumatic than that people!!!

Man this entry came out really depressing...I think next time I will lift my spirits up by telling 'horror' stories of other family members. Yeah, that'll make me feel better.

Oh and feel free to comment and tell me your horror/embarrassing stories so I don't flip out and kill people.

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