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We all live in a Yellow TV

2004-05-19 @ Too damn early, a.m.

We All Live in a Yellow TV

Alright, so excuse the lack of new entries, I have yet to receive the internet and tv in my new apartment..

The wonderful 'Comcast' service in my area BLOWS. They should be called 'Comanger' because that's what comes.......umm yeah.

Anyway so they were supposed to show up yesterday between the hours of 5 and 9pm. However, I told them that I do not get off work until 6, so they can't com before then. So OF COURSE I get a call on my cell at 5:15, "hello Ms. Legs, we are here, and you are not. Please call and reschedule'

Good Lord I just wanted to punch these people in the face. So I called them back and reminded them that I could not be there before 6. So now the earliest they can come again is Sunday. Oh yeah. Sunday.

That is let me see, yeah that's 13 days with out internet and tv.

God hates me.

Meanwhile, I have been attempting to watch tv on my ghetto/retro yellow tv that I bought on ebay a few months ago. With the antenna and large knobs and all.

I have to sit 8 inches away from this tv so that I can adjust the antenna every couple of minutes. Then I have to make sure the antenna touches my lamp, or something metal once in a while. And of course, every channel has different antenna coordinates. There is something to be said of watching tv this way. Turning the knobs, not being able to use a remote, squinting to see between the fuzz..what's the word. It's not romantic, poetic..not charismatic, oh yeah RETARDED.

Needless to say once Sunday coms, and assuming I can restrain myself from attacking the technician's face; I shall have access to the internet and the eventual tv-induced-brain tumor.

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