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2005-05-18 @ 9:44 a.m.

So I felt like a complete ass yesterday. Most of my days are half-assed, but yesterday, no, yesterday was a full-out ass day. On Monday they sent out a company-wide email informing us that a video crew will be here to shoot some pitch for a possible new client. The ideal scene is a 'trendy ad firm' so of course it was convienant to shoot here. So like the retard I am, I put curlers in my hair the night before and picked out an actual 'professional-looking' outfit. This consisted of a floral dress, with a pink shirt on top (to make it look like it was a skirt) and a navy blazer on top. If my mother saw me she would use some sort of an outdated-old-lady term like 'Beth you look smart' or 'sharp' or 'sharpy smart' or 'you lookin' fine honey'. Well actually she wouldn't have said that last one, but I wish she would, because then I would say 'thanks Mama, I learnt it from watchin' you foo!' Anyway, I feel anything BUT 'smart' because of the fact that the large ass curlers in my hair all night gave me an estimated completion of a total of four hours of sleep. ::Note- large plastic round things against your scalp prevents sleep:: Not to mention the everlasting soreness from this weekend's painting adventure.

So I definitely woke up with the puffiest of no-sleep eyes, permanent indents in my skull and a general bad mood. I normally only get 5-6 hours of sleep so the 3 and a half or so wasn't agreeing with me. But I figured it was worth it to be on a kick-ass video. SUPERSTAR! So clearly, BECAUSE I went through all that effort they didn't even ask me to be in it. I don't know why I would even assume I would be asked to be taken off the phones to be in it. And of course it wasn't even that big of a deal anyway.

I know I overreacted when I threw a fit and walked off the set demanding my own trailer, but darn it if I didn't deserve to play The Receptionist'. I knew something was wrong when some girl walked in wearing a short skirt and funky hairdo. I was told SHE was going to be the receptionist. Apparently I am not receptionary enough to play a receptionist. I just said the word receptionist like 10 times in a row...receptionist. There that's 11, I had to make it an odd number.
Anyway so after that whole ordeal I was completely exhausted so I went home for my daily lunch-nap where I apparently over slept by 15 minutes and took over an hour for lunch (OH NO SHE TOOK MORE THAN AN HOUR LET'S BURN HER AT THE STAKE!!)

After work I edited more of the two videos I've been working on. I don't know if I will ever finish them. Once I do, I will try and put them up on my elizabethmoss.com site. Angel looked at them and much to my surprise, actually liked them, so I have been inspired to actually finish them. Like I told Josh, finishing a project is like saying 'this video is perfect, and I cannot work on it anymore, and I am the awesomest person that ever lived'. Which is RIDICULOUS because that's unpossible. So I just need to learn to just finish something and say that's the best I could do at this point. Then in a few years I can go back and see how I could have improved. It's basically the same thing I do with this diary.

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