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no time for the in and out love, just came to read the meter

2002-12-23 @ 4:36 a.m.


The day’s glow passes the wooden door,

My eyes burn; yearn for a chance to fly,

Wondrous night mocking me, I try.

Light teasing the edge of dark.

Shadows brushing up against the calm,

Wind singing, whistling on the pane,

The melody never changes; remains the same.

Light teasing the edge of dark.

Electronic messages echo throughout,

Accompany me, sympathize with my fright,

Conversing, smiling-but are out of sight.

Light teasing the edge of dark.

Gears running faster and faster,

The brilliance of a new day threatening,

Desolate existence aching my mind,

The eye of heaven shines the grass,

Its arrived and another night as past.

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