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2002-08-30 @ 11:06 p.m.

Alright well the first week of school has ended. THANK GOD. I am WAY over my head this Fall. I think I am going to try and not work on Fridays.

I also think I would feel a lot better physically if I expanded my diet just a tad. Right now my diet consists of candy, ice cream, swiss cake rolls (THEY ARE DEVLISHIOUS!), papa johns pizza, the all important b-complex vitamin (in the hopes that my hair will stop falling out!!), ahhh what else? I said candy already right? Oh yeah, golden grahams, and slim jims. For like a couple days straight last month I ate slim jims and kit kats bars ONLY. Why do you ask? Well shut up and I'll tell you. Because chickie-legs went to Price Club and bought a big ass box of kit kats and slim jims. HMMMMMMMMM. Hey remember when I said swiss cake rolls were devlishious? Well, I change my mind. Kit kat bars are. And not just regualer ones. FROZEN kit kat bars are the 'jam', as my brother would say. My brother is too cool for me. Or he's just incredibly lazy, I can't be too sure. Sometimes I like to abbreviate words too, but to a point where no one knows what I am talking about. Josh and I used to do that....

'hB,w u? W a y d t? A!'

('hey Beth, what's up? What are you doing tonight? Awesome!"

But see, the big difference here is that this was funny b/c we were making fun of IDIOTS who spell 'you' 'u' or 'cool', 'kewl'. I swear to God people type out long ass words like 'tomorrow' but REFUSE to type out 'y-o-u'. Like those two extra letters are just too hard for them to muster up the energy to type out. Or that 1/120 of a second of their time is being wasted on the letters 'y' and 'o'. COME ON PEOPLE. It's so riCOCKulous.

I guess that is all for now.


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