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2002-08-26 @ 4:01 p.m.

*big sigh* Well today is the last day of summer vacation for me. The last day of summer..... the last day.........the.............t.

Anyway, this semester is gonna KILL me. Let me give you my schedule: (pretend that you're interested.)

Mondays: work all day, then work for channel 12 at night

Tuesdays: school from 1:30-7:10

Wednesdays: school from 4:30-7:10

Thursdays: school from 1:30 to 10:00

Fridays: work all day

PLUS the channel 10 show, not sure when that will happen. I am also a TA for editing. PLUS I have a decent social life. This should be interesting...


You know what is good? Hmmm? Do you??

No, well, yeah, that IS good....but I think cookies are even better. And not just any cookies. I'm talking about PRICE CLUB chocolate chocolate chip cookies. That's right, I said PRICE CLUB. I *refuse* to call it by it's current name, 'Costco'. Costco??? What the hell is that all about? Price Club will forever be Price Club to me. And they make some damn fine cookies.

If I had to choose between eating a price club chocolate chip cookie or world peace, I would choose .....world peace. Okay, they are not THAT good to constitute mass murder and war...but I am telling you thems are some fine eating.

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