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Pot or Not

2002-08-22 @ 4:03 p.m.

It's my first time

So be gentle....thanks Wiggie for the idea to do this. If my diary is 1/3 as entertaining as yours, I will be thrilled. Although, I seriously doubt anyone will be reading this but me....

So to start off let me say that I am a bonehead. The other day I was on my computer (big shocker) and my mouse wasn't working well. It was slow, and all rigid and stuff. That's the technical term, yes. And I should know, cuz a lot of my friends are computer people, and they tell me these things. And no, I don't mean they are robots, they are humans, but they supposedly know about computers. Stop being so literal! Anyway, so I was getting all pissed off at my mouse so I started hitting it on the mouse pad, as if that would help. Then I took the ball out and blew in the mouse to get the dirt out. Cuz we all know that specks of dirt will destroy a mouse...rrright. But it still wasn't working. So in a fit of frustration and anger, I lifted it up real high and slammed it down on my desk. Suddenly it worked! And that's when I realized the friggin wire was stuck under the keyboard and was getting pinched, thus, not working properly. *smacks forehead*

I found it amazing how much my mood improved once my mouse worked again. For someone who is currently addicted to hotornot.com, the mouse comes in handy.

Side note, I was telling my parents about www.hotornot.com and my dad was like 'why would you go to that website, you dont do drugs?'

'???what the hell are you talking about Dad?'

'POTornot beth?? What is that all about?'

*sigh* 'Dad, get a hearing aid'

'well that sucks Beth, cuz I'd like some too!' har har, snort, snort!

This confirmed why I watch tv in my room, instead of downstairs.

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