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2002-09-09 @ 2:59 p.m.

Even though I am not getting credit, I am a T.A. for video editing this semester.

'What does TA stand for Chickie-Legs?"

"Hey did you know that when you just said that I only heard the last part cuz you didn't QUOTE PROPERLY."

"Hey shut up, did you know you just asked me a question, but ended it with a period? What's up with that???"

"Well I guess you fixed that dilema, cuz you offered two-too many question marks didn't you? Now, no more questions!! Well, my dear, 'T.A' doesn't stand for 'tarantula ass', or 'tiny artichokes', or even 'titty ache'. It stands for 'teacher's assistant'.

That's right, my name is even on the sllyabus! Yea! But like I said, I had a class conflict with the necessary session-attending thingies, so I am doing this without any other benefit than putting it on my resume, and the occasional, 'wow, cool Beth' from my peers.

On the first day of class, I had to introduce myself. I wanted to say 'My name is Beth, but you can call me Al' But decided against it at the last second so what came out was, 'My name is Beth, but you can call me A-Beth.' The class looked at me with crazy eyes.

They must think I'm retarded. Oh well.

So far I like being a TA. I got to 'teach' my 'kids'. (Notice I like to refer to the students as 'kids', even though 90% of them are older than me)..anyway I got to teach some of them basic linear editing techniques last week. I joked with them that my 'office hours' were Wednesdays and Fridays. Tamage asked me where my office was. And I said that it changes every week. I usually kick out another professor by gun point and let him let me use his office. But then usually security gets to me, and so the process begins all over again.

Anyway, teaching is fun. I guess it's all a power trip. 'I know more than you, so now I am going to act condescending and patronizing!! Whahahahaha!' Actually, I am not like that. But didn't you hate it when your teachers were? Didn't you hate that?

Didn't you? Didn't? D?

Let's just hope I am half the teacher I profess to be.

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