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2002-09-07 @ 1:02 p.m.

Well today I am heading down to Richmond to see Chris' band play. Muelle I haven't seen them play in like a year or so. So hopefully they will be good this time! (j/k)

Anyway, my mom read my last entry about how I got my nickname. And she did not find it funny. She was like 'that's not how it happened!'. Grrr...no shit! It was a joke! I am fond of that name, why else would I name my diary after it? I think it's funny, but it was kinda embarrassing to wear a sweatsuit with it all over down the leg....I think it would be funny if I made one now, and wore it. Cuz at this point, I could care less what people think about my clothes. In high school, I did. But at 23, I just want to be comfortable.

Anyway, this entry is kinda boring. So let's have another story, shall we??


The year, 1989, Chickie Legs is in fourth grade and loves to ride her bike! She recently learned how to ride her bike with no hands! Her best friend, Angela and her like to ride down to school and circle around the building. Bethie was mastering the art of no-hands driving when she decided it was time to achieve the impossible. Make a 90 degree left turn with no hands! She managed to turn left, but the front wheel got caught between the sidewalk and the grass, so her back tire flipped forward, forcing Bethie face-front into the cement. She was in shock, she wasn't in pain, really, just in shock of what just occurred. She stood up crying and Angela yelled 'Oh my God, Beth your teeth!!'

'Whaff???? Whaf abouf if?'

Bethie then licked her two front teeth, and realized that they were missing. Blood was covering her face and now she looked like a hillbilly.

In a panic she and Angela ran down to the local soccer game and asked for help from the coach. He was an idiot and didn't know what to do. So Angela rode her bike to Beth's house and told her mother was occurred. Bethie's mom said 'let's go to the dentist!!'

'Uhh, don'f you fink we should go fo fe ER?'

'No! Your teeth are priority! Screw your face, it's all about the chompers!'

'Okay fine!'

So Bethie got her teeth fixed, with bleeding face and all. The next day at school her evil math teacher who often made fun of Beth asked, 'what the hell happened to you?'

'I fell off my bike'

'Hah ah aha ha you stupid little girl!'

Approximately 10 years later, Bethie felt a horrible pain in her two front teeth. This eventually resulted in _3_ root canals. And now, when ever I earn enough money, I have to get 10 teeth capped and/or veneered. Costing about $10,000. All b/c I decided to ride my bike with no hands.

To sum up:

* don't ride your bike with no hands

* math teachers are the devil!

* root canals hurt!

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