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need ritalin

2002-09-10 @ 11:02 p.m.

Another long day today, it was. Speak like Yoda, I am. I think I am doing too much this semester, or maybe I AM.

I worked at Channel 12 tonight after class. I got to see Katy again, which is cool, being that she is one of like 2 girlfriends that I have. I need to hang out with her more often. She told me that she got Cuong a director's chair for their 1st anniversary last week. She even put his name on it. So this is my new item, that I need. Of course she wouldn't tell me where she got it, cuz she thinks I will tell him or something, which is really silly. But I am going to find one and put my name on it.

Q: Should I put 'Beth', or 'Beth Moss', or 'Ms. Moss', or 'Elizabeth Moss'...etc, etc.

i.e. What name should I put? I am not going to put chickie-legs, so don't suggest that! (maybe Al Goofybutt)

Tonight I watched 'one hit wonders: tv theme songs'. First I must say, I love this show. I love to relish in other people's misfortune. Although I guess, it must have been cool to have ONE hit. But to put so much into a band and only have ONE hit, must have sucked. Anyway, my point is this, I think I should start a band that only plays tv theme songs. Patch and my favorite theme song is $25,000 pyramid. That song is the best theme song EVER. If you ever feel depressed, or lonely, or even hungry, listen to that song. It cures all. And upon finishing the song, you will feel all warm and fuzzy all over, as if you have just eaten a big turkey dinner. Sometimes when I need to lose a few pounds I just listen to that song over and over, then I'm good to go for a couple of hours. Except for the obligatory swiss cake roll. (But those don't count) I know swiss cake rolls like the back of my hand.

No, wait, no I don't. What the fuck.

I mean, I really don't know the back of my hand that well. I guess I should, going on how much I spend on the computer. I guess I know swiss cake rolls more like I know the tip of my nose. That is more realistic, since I see it all the friggin time. I really hate my nose. If I had enough money and balls to get plastic surgery, I would get a nose job. But then you have the fear of looking like you had a nose job.

I am not sure what's worse. Looking like you *need* a nose job, or looking like you just had one.

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