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2002-09-05 @ 1:10 a.m.

I saw 'Simone' today at the theater. Or, at the 'theatre'. How do *you* say that word? I pronounce it 'theeder'.

But my ex-boyfriend, says 'thee-A-ter'.

That always annoyed me. Also, I call those things you see at stores a 'dis-PLAY'. But fuckface calls it 'DI-splay'.

I think that annoyed me more than the theater one. Why can't we all agree on a pronounciation people?

Anyway, I thought 'Simone' (or 'SAH-mon-EH' to retards) was pretty good. It had Al Pacino in it, and according to this hot guy I know, Pacino has never made a bad film. I think he is wrong...I need to review his filmography.

You know who *did* make a bad film?....

Joan Crawford! I had to watch 'Mildred Pierce' for my film class today. Oh my goodness, it was HORRIBLE. Michael came with me to see it at the JC...it was 'film noir'. But they took this to the extreme. The first half hour of the movie, it was utterly pitch black, and you couldn't distinguish characters from cars or lamp posts for that matter.

This movie was a joke and a half. I suggest you go and rent it, then we can all have a discussion of this movie, and how much it sucked. So in comparison to that dreadful piece of crap, 'Simone' was a wonderful flick.

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