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2002-09-02 @ 9:54 p.m.

"A woman without love is like a flower without sun....it wilts."

I am feeling a little better now, even though I have a bunch of homework to do before tomorrow. Anyway, this online diary is not for me to discuss actual journal-like-shit. No, NOOOO, it is for me to try and be goofy and procrastinate on the things I should be doing. Also, to make-up word-with-lots-of-hyphens. Shouldn't the word 'hyphen' be spelled, 'hy-phen'? Just seems like common sense to me. English is a funny language. Take 'diary' for instance. Switch just two of the letters and you have milk products. Hmmmmm, milk-products.

What a kooky language where two letters switched can be the difference between informing someone of a lactose intolerance, or revealing a surge of feelings you have for, let's say, devilisious cheesecake. ....okay, I've clearly lost it tonight.

If you have made sense of this jibber-jabber, you win a prize.*

*prize most likely not cheese-cake

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