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2002-09-16 @ 8:34 p.m.

Yarrrrr. I am now obsessed with pirates. I really wanted to do this pirate skit for the Channel 10 show, we'll see if it happens. I'm not too sure how much those guys like my ideas......


Anyway, not too much going on today. Met up with Jason and Josh to work on the commercial. We decided to make an ad for designer eye patches. And NO, the spokesman ISN'T a pirate. He was originally, yes... but not anymore. Anyhow, the concept is actually pretty cool, a take off of "Memento" which is my all-time favorite movie. We should be finishing it in about a month or so.

Now that I got the boring part of my diary over with, let's talk about my sweet, adorable, niece. Cam-Cam.

That girl is a trip! She makes me so happy, her laugh, oh man I dont know how to describe it. When I hear her laugh and she is smiling with that big ol grin of hers, and it's b/c of something _I_ did, it just turns me into a marshmellow. I love to play with her. Some of my and her favorite things to do:

1) pretend her foot is a cell phone. First I take off her socks and I 'dial' numbers on her foot. But I always dial like 20 numbers, and explain to her that I am dialing China. And I make little 'bee bop boop' noises. Then I say 'ring ring, ring ring' and she says 'hello?'. Then I continue to say 'ring ring'. And she goes 'Beffie, I said hello!'. Then I say, 'I know, I am saying 'ring ring''.

2) dance with her. She loves to come up to my room and have me put on some rap music (her favorite) and OF COURSE she knows all the words. Then we dance like fools. I am not a good dancer, she is fantastic. Natural rhythm. I can be as silly and creative as I want with her, it's awesome.

3) Make up secret phrases. When we went to Nags Head two months ago, I told her that from now on the 'magic word' wasn't 'please', it was 'purple socks'. So whenever someone at day care, or her parents asked her what the magic word was she would say 'purple socks'. I had NO idea how far this would go. So a few weeks later she is visiting and Amy (my sister) is telling me that EVERYONE at her day care is saying 'purple socks', even the teachers. I think that's hilarious.

4) Chasing her around the house.

That is all I've got for now. I am sure that no one will find this interesting except for me and Amy..lol.

So Amy, this one is for you!

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