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rickily dickily - 2006-12-18 16:20:54
"Remember, remember the fifth of November..." - that just popped in my head when I saw that. I'm way pop-cultured that way, yo. Great work on the photoshoppin'...
chickie-legs - 2006-12-18 16:56:11
yeah, I love that movie. Angel guessed right away who the dude was behind the mask..did you? (the actor)
rickily dickily doo - 2006-12-19 17:13:53
I actually did recognize him, but couldn't think of his name... I'm afraid my pop-culturedness only goes as far as vague recognitions of dimly lit stars... :)
LJ - 2006-12-20 18:36:52
That cat looks freaked out. Possibly because he suddenly realized he had no legs.
Jett - 2006-12-30 16:30:08
Catching up...... I, too, love Monorail Cat. My thoughts are that his eyes do not show fear or shock, but are mimicking headlights, as any safe, responsible monorail driver would insist having on their vehicle. I also assume you are quite familiar with the fabulous sites www.stuffonmycat.com and www.lolcats.com. I assume this because you are a smart cookie. I hope the smart cookie is doing well!

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