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Erin - 2006-04-06 23:58:05
Oh, no. Don't touch the ice cream! You'll have no fingers (or maybe no arms) left if you do that! Know how you feel on that one chickie! :-D
Bill - 2006-04-07 00:30:10
Glad to hear all is well. :-)
Cloudy - 2006-04-07 01:51:42
How did you do that with your picture up top? Looks cool.
Ricky - 2006-04-07 08:27:55
ice cream/candy/cookies...... yeah, definitly no sharing...definitly not... (uhm...that was my RainMan impression... I know, it's true, I'm very talented)

Kittens,engagement, work.... I think those are good excuses.... life is good, eh? :)
LJ - 2006-04-07 12:19:27
Good to hear from you again. Don't apologize. Life happens. But you certainly haven't been far from my thoughts. Can't wait to see the changes.

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