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Ricky - 2005-03-25 13:00:36
That's really cool Beth. Editor Beth. I'm not sure i like the design of the card though. The red strips cover all the info and that's just bad for business....... that was a joke by the way. And yeah, i've been losing some "buddies" myself lately and i have fewer to lose than you. That always happens when I discuss religion or politics or personal stuff, or, yeah it just always happens. ;) But then again, i'm never as interesting as you. this has been a long comment.......... I go now. Congrats again.
Ricky - 2005-03-25 13:02:21
Nice job on the egg by the way.
Invisibledon - 2005-03-25 13:26:33
nice card
Bill - 2005-03-25 18:47:43
Dang, Ricky beat me to the red lines joke... :)

Congrats on the 'Editor' card... very cool. You'll own the joint in a couple of years. And when you do own it, seriously - come up with a new design for the card. Those red lines really do look goofy. (Hey! I still got it in - yeah, I am stubborn like that.)
a-f - 2005-03-25 22:06:58
fanstastic news. Congratulations, Beth the Editor!
LJ - 2005-03-26 13:16:47
This is very cool. I hope that you are more encouraged about your careers goal(s). Do we still need to be praying for a replacement receptionist? Does this mean you don't want to work with Jimmy Falon anymore? Happy Easter!!
Ricky - 2005-03-27 13:22:11
Happy Easter Ms. Legs. And just so you know, your egg is much better than my ears..... that was really good a job on that....
bethany - 2005-03-28 14:19:43
checked out you site... pretty effin sweet, if i may say so. it makes me want to stop aimlessly surfing and buckled down to develop a graphics site of my own. damn distacting diaryland!
Jett - 2005-03-28 19:49:53
You got a business card??? Daaaaaaamn, now I'm REALLY jealous. I have never been so important as to warrant my own business card. I've been tempted to make my own, though. Not that I would have anyone to give them to, but maybe I could use them to win free lunches or something in those fishbowls. And no "Jr." or "Assistant", either? Sahweeeet. Congrats, Miss Editor Beth!
Beth - 2005-03-28 19:52:01
I used to have my own business card that I got from a spam email..it was only like $20 for like 500 cards. it just had my name on it and it said something like 'best person ever' just kidding it said 'awesomest person ever'. no seriously it just said freelance production, or something.
bethany - 2005-03-30 12:15:20
it's see thru! i must have one!
MAK - 2005-03-31 17:36:24
I don't even get a see-thru card. Damn you and your supreme Editorialness!!
Peri - 2005-04-04 15:30:59
Congrats! That's so cool! It's a definite sign of their intentions, so yay!

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