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Bill - 2004-10-08 00:11:55
Yeah - you have to share a picture of the rubberband bear! And the haiku and mad lib thing is humor... Don't be so hard on your self. We like ya just the way you are...
kuri-chan - 2004-10-08 11:02:43
Haha. I should do that answering people's stupid questions. Woohey.
Dawn (webmiztris) - 2004-10-08 18:23:43
Must see rubber band ball teddy bear!
matt - 2004-10-10 00:45:20
whoa, that sailboat watermark on the monitor picture creeps me out... also, I'm really disappointed with SNL this season. it's not nearly as good since Jim left. Weekend Update is dead to me. And they're doing anti-Bush sketches!
Dawn (webmiztris) - 2004-10-10 23:05:08
Awwww! He looks so....uh...cuddly?
Bill - 2004-10-10 23:19:17
That is one heck of a teddy bear. Does s/he have a name?
Rick - 2004-10-11 14:23:35
Hey, that is awesome! I think you could get rich selling those on ebay. Bear's by Beth. See, it even sounds good. yeah, ok, I'll shut up now.

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